We offer a unique dental experience that focuses on total wellness through Whole Health Dentistry. Dr. Bale provides an individualized patient-centered, science-based approach by getting a detailed understanding of your genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, so together you will be able to address the underlying cause of any dental disease and promote your optimal wellness.

Oral health is often the gateway to wellness. There is scientific evidence of a direct link between your Oral Health and Systemic Health and patients with diabetes or heart disease often have gum disease and vice versa. By bringing the oral system to optimal health, we can profoundly influence balance within the whole body. From comprehensive preventive exams and professional cleanings to keep the teeth and gums healthy to nutritional and lifestyle counseling, our services are all designed to ensure that you keep your smile healthy throughout your life.

That’s why we’re so committed to Whole Health Dentistry—the idea that your mouth has a direct relationship to the proper function of the rest of your body. It’s also the big difference between our comprehensive approach and the standard dental care you may be currently receiving.