A Tour of Our Office

Dr. Bale’s paintings adorning the walls of our warm and friendly reception room.
Our emphasis is on cleanliness and infection control geared towards quality patient care.
Our warm and welcoming reception area.
Lavender Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffusers in each room to calm and comfort our patients.
Our fab and fun photo booth in our reception room to keep our patients entertained.
Each room is equipped with comfortable dental chairs, soothing music, television, adjustable lighting, air purifier and lavender essential oil aromatherapy diffusers for our patients’ comfort and well-being.
We follow strict guidelines of sterilization and infection control in compliance with The Center For Disease Control to prevent cross-contamination which includes but not limited to conducting weekly spore tests to assure effective sterilization.
We are partners with The Oral Cancer Foundation in spreading awareness about Oral Cancer and perform oral cancer screenings in our office.
Dr Bale and staff are wearing PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) These allow for comfort as we work with our patients while also filtering the air and making sure we are as safe as possible for both patients and staff.
These units use carbon and UV Light to eliminate any biologic DNA (Viruses and Bacteria) that may be in the air and provide the office with surgically clean filtered air.